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Chris Franklin

(lead guitar & b-vox)

Years playing guitar: "I've been playing for close to 3."

Favorite colors: "Would have to be blue and red."

Birthday: March 12, 1989

Age:" Let me do the math...hmm...15"

Side projects: Julius

Interesting facts: "I ACCIDENTLY lit a bush on fire and became good friends with the fire chief. "

Favorite Movies: "Dumb and Dumber, The Godfather 1 &2, All The Presidents Men, Runaway Jury, Happy Gilmore, and Phish- Bittersweet Motel,

Favorite Food: " Italian."

Favorite Book: Angels and Demons by Dan Brown

Favorite genres of music: "Ska, Jazz, Jam, Rock, ..anything except country or pop."

Sad facts: "Kissed more girls than Matt...::::laughs::::...oh yeah...i also put on Vince's Mom's Victorias Secret dress at a party...good times..."

Favorite Bands: "Catch 22, Less than Jake, Five Iron Frenzy, Mustard Plug, MxPx, Relient K, Bob Marley and the Wailers, George Benson, Paul Jackson Jr., Phish, Moe, Led Zeppelin, The Jimi Hendrix Experience."

Gear: "I got a sweet custom 2003 American Fender sunburst fat strat with the A-1 switching system...that's my main axe....but my baby is my white Fender Texas fat strat....that used to be my main axe with the old Blank Generation. Amps are all Fenders....I use a Marshall and a Fender together on  the records.

 Music awards: "I'm proud to say I helped  the Morrisville Jazz band earn the top award at the Music in the Parks Competition. Personally, I was awarded an Outstanding Soloist award there too. Meaning...I got mad skills..."