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Andrew Chelius

(guitar & vocals)

Years playing guitar and singing: "Exactly4 weeks singing and 1.5 playing guitar"

Favorite colors: "Any shade of angry red colors"

Birthday: September 5th 1988

Age:" uh....15"

Side projects: none

Interesting facts: "I'm actually a vegan.....3 days and still going strong!"

Favorite Movies: "Shawshank Redemption" and "Better off Dead"

Favorite Food: "Vegetable Lomain"

Favorite Book: A Clockwork Orange

Favorite genres of music: " Jazz, Jam, Rock, Indie"

Sad facts: "The truth is that I'm incredibly afraid of rollercoasters...who needs em? "

Favorite Bands: "Modest Mouse, Pavement, Elliot Smith, Wes Montgomery, Charlie Hunter, Cap'n Jazz, Dead Kennedys, Califone, Frank Zappa, Jimi Hendrix, Joe Satriani, The Roots, Mos Def, Radiohead, Pixies, The Postal Service, Sublime, Tool, UK Subs, The Who, The Doors, Led Zeppelin, Phish"

Gear: "I play a Fernandez Monterey guitar, through a Marshall 120 Amp"

 Music awards: " guitar teacher says I'm really good..."