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 9/1/05- Update time! As seasons begin to change, so is life with the band. Firstly, there are three shows lined up in the immediate future for your pleasure. COME OUT AND SUPPORT THE GROUP! Here are the shows:

September 2nd- Sacred Grounds in Fallsington, PA. Show starts at 7:00 and it's $7 at the door.

September5th- Williamson Park Pavillion in our hometown of Morrisville, PA. Show starts at noon and is FREE OF CHARGE!

September 17th- Finnigans in East Windsor, NJ. More details coming soon.

Also check out Blank Generation's Myspace account for new songs and updates from the guys!

8/14/05-Blank Generation is proud to introduce the band's new official street team! Sign up today to help spread the word about the band. Benefits of members include: first to know of upcoming shows and developments with the band, the ability to pre-order merch and music, and give your input on rough drafts of lyrics and music. Street crew members are responsible for posting flyers, getting people to shows, and just telling friends about the band.

8/9/05- Blank Generation has just been asked to appear at Sacred Grounds on September 2nd. Show starts at 7:00 p.m. and is $7 at the door. Please come out and show your support!!

8/6/05- A short little update....

The guys in Blank Generation would like to say that the previous shows that were played, especially the one at the Trinity Cathedral, went exceptionally well. Our love goes out to all of the people who support the band.

The guys have decided to play fewer towards the end of summer in order to FINALLY finish the album! BG is also in the process of looking into recruiting a publicist to help spread the word about the band. Even though the near future may seem uneventfull for fans of the band, keep in mind that this is the time when new material will be written. Two more possible shows may fall in line with the band's schedule. If the shows are finalized, you guys will be the first to know.

~Blank Generation

7/12/05- Here are a few shows that are coming up...(addresses are listed in the shows section)

July 20th- The Fire Club- Philadelphia @ 6:00

July 23rd- Morrisville Community Swimming Pool/ Time TBA

July 31st- Big Nick's Saloon- Philadelphia/ Time TBA

August 5th- Trinity Cathedral- Trenton @6:00


This Friday, Blank Generation is going to head into the studio to put the finishing touches on our new cd, Life Without The Sugar Coating. It is slated to be realeased in August/September of 2005. In addition to the cd, a documentary DVD on the recording of the album will be available. ALSO, the Bucks County Courier Times Life section is going to be running an article about the band. Keep your eyes out for that too!

5/13/05- It's Friday the thirteenth, and there is a lot going on with Blank Generation. Our new, permanent singer is Brett Pukay. We welcome him with open arms and sloppy kisses. A new biogrophy has been written for the band. Get educated on our past, son.

A special thanks goes out to all who came to the band's show at the Morrisville High School. We really enjoyed playing for everyone, and we would like to thank  all of you guys for your support. The show went really well despite Chris' strap-lock malfunction.


4/23/05- Hola! The music for the demo has been completed. Special thanks goes out to Bob for letting for the use of studio. Here are the tracks that are on the demo. "A Walk Through the 80's," "Liberated," "Stop it Now," and "The Worse kind of Addiction."


3/28/05- Whoa! I received a call today from a lady who wanted us to play the Trocadero on May 1st. Looks like we have a show there. EVERYONE HAS TO MAKE THIS ONE! THIS IS GONNA BE A HUGE SHOW! Thanks again to everyone who came to Sacred on the was a good one.

3/21/05- March 26th is going to be an awesome show. Come out and show your support. New merchandise will be available at this show.

3/11/05- The show at Sacred went really well. Thanks goes out to all of you who came out to show your support. Our friends, GSM, did a great job there too. Thanks again to everyone who came and saw us...we really appreciate it. See you all on March 26th!

~Blank Generation

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