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6/12/04- Hmm...well school is are starting...but we are still practicing... tomorrow the mp3's should be up on to download...Andrew's profile is up...and well that's pretty much all the news for now.

6/10/04- :::: We got an offer to play at the Battle of the Bands on July is still in the works, however we most likely will be playing::::Here is the deal. These are the definate shows for July. We are booked to play July 14th, and 17th. Go to the shows page for more info. Want to book us? Click the contact the band button and e-mail us with your information.

6/7/04- Whoa! have not updated this thing for a good time now. Anyway, the show at Snipes went great, we went right through the set with no flaws. Well the some mp3's will be up soon for download, and the cd is due out by the end of June.

5/29/04- some band named "Downward Jolly" e-mailed me saying that they wanted to play a show with us on July 14th in York, PA. I guess it is on.....would the other members care to post a message and let me know if it's ok. I don't know who the heck they are, but it is a show. NOTICE- the show on June 5th is on, on and we are looking forward to seeing you guys there

5/24/04- The June 5th show is coming up and one on July 17th that we are playing for sure. It is for the CrossFire Community Festival. It's in Landsdale, PA. It should be a huge event. Also, MERCH IS UP! ANDREW IS OUR FRONT MAN....

5/13/04- Got some news. We are trying out Andrew Chelius as our front man. THERE IS ALSO A NEW SHOW ON JUNE 5th. It is in  Morrisville, Pa. Our good friends G.S.M will also be joining us for the afternoon show. Make sure ya mark it on your calenders. We sould defninately be in full swing by then.

5/11/04- Hey everyone, I got a little piece of news. Kurt Brecheis has agreed to be our manager. We welcome him with big hugs and sloppy kisses.


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